Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process

Our contact with the business goes through all the stages since we are a manufacturer that supervises each phase of the production.

The wood is cut down, pruned and moved immediately from the sawmill to non-wet land. Trying to avoiding the humidity of the environment and the soil at all costs. In spring the bark is removed to achieve faster drying without deforming. Without losing the original shape of the wood.

Once dried, the logs are cut into planks and placed in piles horizontally piece by piece, separated by slats to help drying allowing air flow between planks.

When the wood is already dry and ready to be used, the planks of the necessary measures are selected according to the furniture and the necessary cuts are applied to obtain the piece as we need it. In addition to the traditional machinery, currently the pantographs (numerical control cutting machines) facilitate the task by providing incredible speed and accuracy.

If the piece in question requires marquetry, a sheet will be created by cutting different sheets with or without color. Finally, this resulting veneer, less than a millimeter thick, is applied and adheres strongly to the wood so that it can never be released. A manual work worthy of the highest craftsmen.

The furniture has been prepared in both veneers and wood and is ready to assemble. The different pieces will be coupled, the last details that could be left will be given and will be left pending polishing.

Once the furniture is assembled, it is varnished with the finish chosen by the client. Remember that you can check all the finishes in our catalog section. Selecting from among the many existing parameters, the end customer will get a totally exclusive finish.

The furniture has already been polished and it is only necessary to assemble each of its pieces and add the necessary hardware, hinges and upholstery to finish it.

Once the furniture is finished it is packed with the utmost precautions to send it directly to the store where it will be sold, thus retaining the maximum guarantee and reliability granted by Novecento. The furniture will arrive by land or sea.